Solutions Now™ NiteOwl


Solutions Now™ Nite Owl unattended scale software has been designed to be the most “user friendly”, technologically advanced, and cost effective unattended scale management software tool on the market. Like other all other Solutions Now™ software applications, the Nite Owl is customizable and made to fit the customer’s unique operation. The software can be implemented modularly, which allows the software to grow with the with the business. Reduce personnel time and cost, and reduce truck lines with the Solutions Now Nite Owl Unattended System.


  1. Allows Rapid Processing of Vehicles
  2. Assigns Data Requirements per Vehicle
  3. User Friendly Interface
  4. Allows for "Open" Scale During Non Scheduled Attendant Working Hours
  5. Creates Shorter Truck Lines at Scale House
  6. Reduces Personnel/Manual Data Entry
  7. Increases Safety Procedures - Driver Does Not Leave Cab for Weighing
  8. Improves Data Accuracy & Security
  9. Initiates Transactions with RFID, AWID, or Barcode Reader
  10. Captures Exception Transactions Including Drive-Offs
  11. Captures Unlimited User-Defined Data Fields
  12. Interfaces to Any Scale on the Market
  13. Integrates with Existing Corporate Software Systems
  14. Customizable System Functionality
  15. Modular - Scalable as Needed
  16. System-Wide Data Surveillance/Audit Trail
  17. Touch Screen Interface
  18. Signature Capture On Screen when required
  19. Interface with Camera,Traffic Lights,Gates,etc.