Solutions Now™ V90 Skyway


The V90 Skyway is a highly valuable tool for business operations. It allows data from multiple applications and databases to be shared seamlessly throughout the business. Orders, materials, rail cars, customers, volume limits, etc., can be shared with front end transaction systems and in turn transactional data can be shared with billing and reporting systems. Sharing data in real-time and avoiding manual or dual entry, increases the value of your data. Collaborating data from specialized applications, opens up your business capabilities.

Key Features

  1. Perfect tool for sharing data bi-directionally to SAP
  2. Preserving data integrity. Mistakes are reduced by eliminating manual and dual entry.
  3. Real-time enterprise view of business operations and reporting capabilities.
  4. Secure data transmission between site locations.
  5. Real-time inventory and commodity autonomous data capture.
  6. Manage assets, user and commodity activity more efficiently.
  7. Round the clock data monitoring and transmission.
  8. Interface with regulatory reporting agencies.
  9. Data format conversion between applications.
  10. Complete data auditing functionality.