Solutions Now™ GPS Tracking and Data Integration


Solutions Now™ GPS Asset Tracking allows users to efficiently manage and track valuable assets as well as exception based events associated with each asset. Users have the ability to pinpoint assets globally, view previous locations/paths traveled, and receive messages when particular events occur in real time with an easy-to-use cloud-based tool. Most importantly, all data received by the satellite transmissions can be integrated not only with other Solutions Now™ applications, but also other data management systems such as SAP to allow greater inventory control.

Highly Customizable System Functionality

  1. Flexible Product Pricing Options
  2. Track Asset and Contents of given assets
  3. Small, Rugged Module Attaches to Assets Quickly and Easily
  4. Dependable Battery Life
  5. Monitoring of Mobile and Stationary Assets
  6. Cloud-Based Application Used to View Assets
  7. Additional Data Fields and Filters Can Be Added To Enhance Reporting Functions
  8. Users Notified of Various Occurrences Via E-mail
  9. Movement of Asset/Cessation of Movement
  10. Movement into User-Identified Area
  11. Notifications Configurable; Communicate Location Multiple Times Each Day, or Only When Movement Occurs
  12. Integrate Data with Other Solutions Now Applications and Other Data Management Systems