Solutions Now™ Snoop

Project Description

Solutions Now™ Snoop monitors the scale activity without interfering with other systems that may be present. The system will monitor scale traffic, record all scale activity, and stamp transaction records with dates, times, weights when predefined scale thresholds are reached. The user can assign up to 5 weight thresholds. The Solutions Now™ Snoop will generate transaction activity and provide the user with custom reports to monitor traffic flow and validate transaction processing activity of other systems. Solutions Now™ Snoop can optionally control traffic gate/lights and monitor loops. Video inputs are also available to capture video images of scale activity as each threshold is met.


  1. Allows Users to Set Up to 5 Weight Thresholds; Time, Date, Scale Number, and Weight Captured by System as Each Threshold is Reached
  2. Records Highest Weight Reached on Scale in Addition to Each Threshold
  3. Operates in Optional "Hidden" Mode
  4. Cross-Validates Transaction Activity with Actual Scale Activity When Combined with Solutions Now™ V90 Applications
  5. Interfaces Optionally to Video Devices to Capture Images / Video of Scale Activity at the Time of the Transaction
  6. Can trigger automatic emailing of potential violations