Solutions Now™ Central Data Management


Effective Data Management is key to effective business management. Without it, new ‘systems’ are developed in isolation, requiring complex, expensive and bilateral interfaces to each system with which they need to exchange data. Solutions Now™ offers a cost effective, efficient solution to data management.

  1. Supports Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)
  2. Supports Interface With a Diverse Group of Software
  3. Allows Central Control of Data Management
  4. Web / Windows Transfer Service to Seamlessly Move Data Centrally
  5. Support Central Web Reporting
  6. Eliminates Manual Data Entry into Multiple Systems
  7. Data Solutions for Total Enterprise with Secure Data Management
  8. Supplies Multiple Systems with Transaction Data
  9. Allows Control of Data Files Sent to Remote Location
  10. Acts as Additional Backup; in Case of Disaster, Workstations/Remote Sites are Rebuilt Using Central Site
  11. Data Movement Configured to Meet Customer’s Requirements
  12. Data Transfer and Format Conversion in Real Time.
  13. Direct data exchange with SAP, i.e. XML, http, etc.
  14. Windows Service hidden transfer options
  15. Remote Networking Interface Options Available
  16. Scheduled Transfer Configurations Unique to Each Remote Location
  17. Transfer Frequency Options
  18. Ability to Override Scheduled Data Transfer as Needed