Solutions Now™ Caverns


Solutions Now™ Caverns web-based storage is an excellent way to store, share, access and backup your data for easy retrieval. Share your data anywhere in the world in real-time. Access your data from any computer with Internet access. Back up your data securely and quickly in case of an emergency. Share your data with co-workers and even business associates all over the world, making it easy to share files normally too large to email. Storage is made easy by uploading your documents to our secure servers and making the documents available instantly. Protect yourself from losing your data when a hard drive crashes. Caverns™ storage is an ideal method for backing up your data. You no longer have to worry about buying expensive backup devices, and media. Just use your existing Internet connection and back up data thru the Internet. You can even set up a virtual "drag and drop" folder on your computer that synchronizes in real-time with your Caverns™ storage account.Accessing your data is fast, flexible, and user friendly via your web browser. Data being shared with others can be access controlled. If you want others to be able to read your documents but not make changes, just disable write access to your documents. Password protect your document as well. Caverns™ storage is cost effective and secure. Caverns™ uses state of the art firewalls, virus protection, hacker detection, and avoidance systems, to help protect security of the data.


  1. Navigate Easily from the Main Directory and Subfolders
  2. Create, Cut, Copy, Paste, Rename and Delete Folders and Files
  3. Control File Permissions
  4. Easy Upload from Your local PC to Your Web Browser
  5. Themes and Settings Controls Customize File Manager Appearance