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System Advantages

We are not the only company that provides transaction applications and services but we are the only company to provide the range and flexibility needed for most operations. Solutions Now provides many advantages that set us apart from our competition.

  1. Advanced Data Capture – We are able to capture driver, route, customer, contract, bin location and many other browse-able tables at the transaction level. The transaction screen is fully customizable based on the needs of the operations. This expands reporting capabilities.
  2. Multiple Transaction Types – Our applications are not limited to the standard in-out transaction type. We can accommodate drop trailer and compartment loads as well as warehouse processing. Warehouse processing allows a load to be weighed by the pallet for multiple materials. Weight can be captured by the ton as well as by the pound for smaller loads that would be common at a buy back recyclery location.
  3. Flexible Weight Capture – Weight can be captured in real time via direct RS232 serial cable, IP, or Remote Service. This opens up the ability to create transactions from any PC onsite regardless of it’s proximity to the scale.
  4. On Site Security – Hardware ID Scan/Printing, AWID or RFID tag readers and Video/Camera Capture integrate an additional layer of security to on site operations. Readers and Video capture are trigged at the time of entry, exit and transaction completion. ID scans capture who is onsite while ID printing allows the site to issue a badge to gain access. Our SNOOP application records all scale activity at predetermined intervals to prevent theft at the transaction level.
  5. Advanced Data Services – Our applications can be configured to any database type. This includes the data saved from transactions and support tables as well as the ability to import data to a browse-able table and save data to a remote server. The Skyway service completes the data communication by integrating the data directly to a corporate billing or enterprise reporting application.
  6. Advanced Printing Hardware Interface– Whether printing from the web, Bill of Lading or transaction tickets, our applications are able to accommodate your site’s needs. Our Scale Service allows users to print from the web using network and locally installed printers. Print files can be monitored and reprinted from the Scale Service Interface. Our Lab Interface displays transactions and allows for the addition of Seal Numbers so that labels can be printed for materials to be sent and tested at the lab. Bar codes can be assigned and printed to customer jobs to assist in the streamline and control the accuracy of the unattended process.
  7. Scale Certification– All Solutions Now products are NTEP certified and compliant.
  8. Reporting– Our detailed reporting application accompanies all of our applications. All the revenue and data captured can be used to produce comprehensive reporting. When used with the Cloud Service data can be transferred to the cloud for web reporting as well as a data backup. The benefits of web reporting allow data to be reviewed from any web capable device.
  9. Back Office & Scale House Communication – Efficient scale house transactioning is reliant on good communication with the Back Office. The Back Office controls the customer pricing, pricing expiration and minimum charges. The V90 desktop application is ideal for site’s that have the scale and back office at the same location. Data is updated and available in real time. For larger sites the V90 & V200 web application work together to keep a site up to date and working without network interruption. The V200 web application is a unique product that can be used on any web capable mobile device. It can be used to keep customer pricing up to date as well as warehouse transaction processing and at the scale house for disaster recovery relief.
  10. Traffic Control – We provide safe and efficient traffic control using Gates, Lights and Traffic Loops.
  11. Advanced Auditing – All activity in our applications or services are stamped with date, time and system ID providing a secure audit trail.