Solutions Now™ Warehouse Processing


The V90 and V200 applications allow a load to be tracked throughout it’s time while on the premises. Each step of the process is tracked and stored together to establish a final check weight. This allows operations to monitor variances between the weight captured at the warehouse and the load weight at the truck scale. Our scale service is utilized to allow the use of handheld devices to capture the warehouse transactions without the need of connecting to a serial scale device.

Highly Customizable System Functionality

  1. Interface Data From or To 3 Party Applications
  2. Flexible Product Pricing Options
  3. Unauthorized Inbound and Outbound Shipment Control
  4. Various Methods of Data Conversion
  5. Customizable Menu Configuration
  6. Menu Driven Flexibility Allows Toggling between Multiple Screens
  7. Data Received From and Updated to Multiple Data Providers in Real Time
  8. Additional Data Fields and Filters Can Be Added To Enhance Reporting Functions
  9. Inbound and Outbound Transaction Tracking Capability
  10. Data Cross Validation
  11. Manual Weight Input Validation
  12. Multiple Levels of Security Control Access to Screens, Tables, Data, and Functionality
  13. Custom Weighing Processes, i.e. Drop/Pickup Trailers, etc.
  14. Multiple Interface Device Setup - Weighing, Traffic Flow, Monitoring
  15. Truck, Rail, Platform, Axle Scales, Etc.