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Solutions Now™ V200 Cloud Based Applications

We are happy to introduce the Solutions Now™ SNV200 that is now part of our data tracking and integration software family. The Solutions Now™ SNV200 expands data capture from a specific area of operations to a full service onboard tracking system. Our web based application allows transactional data to follow the vehicle in the field rather than being limited to onsite checkpoints. Additional benefits of remote connection include bypassing local network outages and continued operations during inclement and sometimes disastrous weather. Data is saved directly to a secure remote server creating an offsite database backup ensuring data is never lost. The Solutions Now™ SNV200 has the same robust features as our desktop products but with the added capability to be on the move with your fleet. User-friendly interface can be run from a tablet, iPad or laptop by drivers on site to capture transaction data.

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Solutions Now™ V90 Skyway Data Integration

The V90 Skyway is a highly valuable tool for business operations. It allows data from multiple applications and databases to be shared seamlessly throughout the business. Orders, materials, rail cars, customers, volume limits, etc., can be shared with front end transaction systems and in turn transactional data can be shared with billing and reporting systems. Sharing data in real-time and avoiding manual or dual entry, increases the value of your data. Collaborating data from specialized applications, opens up your business capabilities.

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