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Solutions Now™ provides businesses of all sizes with reliable and cost effective data management solutions. We offer dependable and secure products that range from fully automated scale kiosks to data integration with billing or enterprise management software. Our products are developed to be highly customizable. As your business grows or changes, the functionality of our software can be customized to capture your additional needs. Our systems are compatible with any scale device on the market today. However, we are not limited to handling only scale transactions. Solutions Now™ systems and services are capable of monitoring movement of assets, capturing video feeds, ID scans and electronic signatures. We strive to improve business growth by streamlining operations and reporting needs for our clients. In doing this, we improve safety, efficiency, and revenue for the business.


Warehouse Transaction Processing

The V90 and V200 applications allow a load to be tracked throughout it's time while on the premises. Each step of the process is tracked and stored together to establish a final check weight. This allows operations to monitor variances between the weight captured at the warehouse and the load weight at the truck scale. Our scale service is utilized to allow the use of handheld devices to capture the warehouse transactions without the need of connecting to a serial scale device.

The transaction process is recorded and identified by whether it is a truck, drop trailer, pickup trailer or warehouse. The series of transactions are also linked so there is a clear audit trial from the time a vehicle enters the site until it exits. Each transaction is date, time and ID stamped. Multiple vehicles and trailers can process at the same time. This reduces the wait time that occurs in some systems when only one vehicle can be weighed at a time.